Hacienda Zaragoza

About Us

Hacienda Zaragoza Eggs started in 2016 with our three kids, four cute ducklings, six fluffy chicks, two acres of green grass and a horse stable. From there our small adventure has grown and we are proud of the quality of eggs that we can continue to provide to our customers.

Our whole family is involved in feeding the hens, collecting, washing, and packing eggs by hand because we feel that it is important to be connected with our land. Our hens have access to fresh well water for drinking, open pasture for snacking, quiet nests for laying, and a secure place to sleep at night. Also, they get daily pampering and cuddles from our three kids and other visitors that come to the farm. We never use harsh chemicals to wash the eggs, unlike large production factories, because we want to protect our drinking water for our families and customers.

We hope that you feel that same connection with your community when you buy from local farms and businesses, it means the world to us! Thank you for your support.

From our hens to your table,

Hacienda Zaragoza Eggs